Response to out of context reporting in the Calgary Herald

A Calgary Herald article by Jason Markusoff published this evening is inaccurate, out of context, and insulting. Although the reporter personally contacted me on two occasions today, he did not ask to clarify comments I had made at a public meeting. I understand he did contact a member of my staff, who could not comment because he hadn't been in the room himself and could not immediately reach me as I was in meetings.

Had the reporter actually asked me to clarify, I would have told him that I was not referring to any politicking occurring at the memorial service for Jon Lord. Indeed, I was honoured to attend such a dignified memorial for such a great man, and I thought all of the speakers--family, friends, and politicians--spoke beautifully and touchingly about Mr. Lord's amazing life and achievements. It is irresponsible to invent a story without obtaining the facts.

- Mayor Naheed Nenshi

[UPDATE: This Calgary Herald article explains the out of context reporting.]